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What You Should Know

The following is a series of items that are important for residents and voucher participants of the Housing Authority of the Town of Glastonbury to be fully familiar with.

Residents Need to:

Voucher Participants Need to:

  • Always pay their portion of the rent and any required utilities on time. Failure to do so may result in eviction and termination from the program.
  • Cooperate with annual recertifications and inspections. This is a core requirement of the program and failure to recertify or cooperate may result in termination. Applicants and voucher holders must annually complete a personal declaration and certification, which is here.
  • Read your lease carefully, and adhere to all its terms. Understand that the voucher is a payment to the landlord - we do NOT have a contract with you - only the owner. YOU in turn have a contract with the landlord, and it must be followed.
  • Promptly notify the housing authority of any changes in family composition, income, or assets, and any eviction notices or other adverse actions taken by the landlord.
  • Not have or obtain any ownership interest in the unit, not sublease the unit or any portion thereof.

Voucher Landlords Need to:

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