Housing Authority of the Town of Glastonbury

Housekeeping and Safety

Some Cleaning and Safety Guidelines

The health and safety of our residents is a priority for the Housing Authority of the Town of Glastonbury, and is a basic requirement placed on us by the state and federal agencies we answer to. Here are some specific actions we expect each resident to take to help maintain our facilities in the best possible condition. This is also a reminder that the housing authority may charge the tenant for repair costs when it appears damage was the result of intentional or negligent acts:

  • Remove all wet garbage every day to your trash container or the designated facility waste container, especially in warm weather. Never leave garbage bags on the ground where animals can get into the bag. Make sure bags are tied and put all cans and glass in the recycling bins. Place recyclable materials in the appropriate tubs.
  • Never feed wild or stray animals and report skunk activity to the Main Office.
  • Keep stoves, refrigerators and food storage closets or cabinets clean to avoid attracting insects or rodents. If you see insects in abnormal numbers, call the Main Office.
  • Dispose of bio-waste properly. Insure that health aides do not throw needles or dressings that contain blood or tissue into our waste system.
  • Do not discard garbage or objects of any kind into the toilets. Do not use deodorant blocks that hang on the lip of the bowl.
  • Do not use your walls and doors for bulletin boards.
  • You may not store or leave items in the hallways, stairwells or utility rooms.
  • Parking areas and grounds may not be used to store trailers or vehicles other than the primary one which you register with the housing authority as your principal mode of transportation. An exception to this rule may be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Report plumbing, electrical or other problems immediately to prevent further damage.
  • Exercise caution when using extension cords. Running cords under carpet, using under-sized cords, and over-loading cords and plugs may result in fire.
  • Check with the Main Office regarding guidelines for installing air conditioning units.
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